Tuesday, December 30, 2008

The "NEW" in New Year

So 2009 is upon us. The NEW year. What does that mean to you? Will you look back at 2008 and smile about the good times, maybe reflect on ways to improve? Or maybe you wont even look back at all, just look forward to the NEW year and all it will bring.

Here at the old shoe store we can't wait to run into the brand NEW year! The past few months we have been planning the 09 schedule like crazy and have actually come up with some pretty awesome NEW things! We are going to host NEW in-store events, have NEW local races to support, NEW teams and groups to train with and support, NEW training programs and tons of super cool NEW gear! Heck a few more NEW customers wouldn't hurt either! (but we really do love the old ones!)

So next time we see you and we say "happy NEW year" we really mean, happy NEW year. We can't wait for 2009 and all the NEW it will bring! We are just doing our little part to make your 2009 that much NEWER!

There is nothing like jumping headfirst into a NEW year ready to take it all on! With a fresh NEW clean slate just think of all of the NEW awesome things you will accomplish in 2009! So go out there and run your way into 2009 but just remember, when your feet start to hurt stop in for some NEW shoes!

Happy NEW year!

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