Monday, April 27, 2009

10 Miler Job Well Done

I want to give a quick job well done to everyone who participated in and helped put on the Hermes / Fleet Feet 10 Miler and 5k. It was the first bigger race of the season and it was a ton of fun for us to get out there and support everyone. I am not sure we could have dreamed for a better day weather-wise. Thanks to Hermes for another solid new race venue, it seems everyone was stoked about Edgewater Park! One more quick job well done is definitely in order to the Winking Lizard, they certainly pulled out the stops with their post race egg souffle, not something they whip up all the time, but lets face it have you ever put something in your mouth from the Lizard that you didnt like?! So thanks to John and the guys at the Lizard for that delicious treat!

Here is a shot taken by all around Multisport guru and the unofficial Ohio Triathlon King Mickey Rzymek: Checkout NorthCoast Multisport and the Greater Cleveland Triathlon

Myself and first place overall winner for the 10 miler, David Mooney.
He came in at a staggering 55:01! Bravo! Rockin the Lunaracers we sold him just a few days ago!

Monday, April 20, 2009

Making it Easy on ya! The Big Squeeze!

As a runner or triathlete you are flooded with information about new products that claim to help you be run faster, recover quicker, gain more endurance and even give you extra energy! Now, without down playing the roll of technology and great product design we sometimes feel that these claims are a bit lofty. Sure, there are some products out there that really do help, however it's not often something comes along that truly lives up to its marketing managers word.

So we feel one of our jobs and obligations to you (our customers and friends) as a run specialty shop is to trudge through the masses of claims and products, fend of the marketing jargon and hoards of B.S. to come up with the products that truly can make a difference in your athletics. So when something comes around that really peaks our interest we like to tell you about it.

Lately it has been all out the big squeeze! By that we mean compression! Whether your a triathlete, runner, active traveler or trying just trying to improve blood flow (reduce visible veins) or aid recovery, we think all the hype about compression lately actually has a leg to stand on...well some of it!

The skinny:
Medical grade compression is nothing new. Just ask your local medical supply rep! What is new is medical grade compressions entrance into the endurance athletes world. The way it was designed to improve blood flow to the heart for medical patients is now being realized as a total benefit to athletes seeking improved recovery and reduction in swelling and muscle vibration and warmth. The down side is that compression products have almost as many advantages as there are brands making (and claiming) the stuff. That is where we come in to find the best.

What did we come up with? Well after searching through about six companies and over twenty different products we narrowed it down to one extra squeezable product that we feel comes out ahead in value, effectiveness, durability and medical research that actually makes sense to our friends in the medical world. Oh, as a side note they all failed the "looks awesome" qualification because nothing that fits this tight will make even the studliest athlete appear studly! However it is quickly becoming a more accepted look among the spandex/lycra clad athletes that we all know and love! Back on track, the product we love:

Zoot ULTRA Compression Socks. And here is why...

1. They are simple yet very effective
2. There is substantial research by the medical company that makes them for Zoot that shows they actually work.
3. They are not $100 plus like some other compression products out there. (namley other Zoot Compression products)
4. They have a precise but not complicated fit
5. You can swim in them bc of the high poly propelene content
6. they are white without crazy logo application and can we worn under causual pants to reduce swelling and not make you look like a goof.
7. they hold up in the wash...believe me some don't!
8. they come in a really cool resuable storage tin.

So, come check them out, we really think they are pretty cool and are one product out there that lives up to its claim and is worth your cash. For more indepth information on Zoot compresion socks check out this link to their white papers from their reaearch.

Zoot Research

Cheers and sunshine!