Sunday, November 30, 2008

A running say the least

You want to know why Fleet Feet is awesome? Okay, I'll tell ya...We are a running specialty shop right? Right, but to say we only run is quite inaccurate. Come to think of it we are a pretty eclectic group of all around athletes and gurus far beyond the sneaker scene that we love so much. Here's what I mean...

Between the 8 people that make the store tick day in and day out here is what you've got...(deep breath) Total triathlon/Ironman experts (or geeks, depending on your perspective), track and field/ cross country expert and "know-it-all". More road, mountain and general cycling know how than some low rate bike shops, local country club golf hero and legend, record holding collegiate swimmer, local gym fitness instructor and windsurfing fanatic (not to mention culinary & marketing genius), collegiate lacrosse player, all sorts of unreal 5k, 10k, half and full marathon times from a dude who is a full time student and 100+ weekly mile guy. A soft spoken, unassuming Collegiate All American cross country speedster! More (Boston quality and bonking alike) marathons, duathlons, aquathons and century rides than I wish to count, equal number days on the slopes as weekly run miles in the winter, one certified downhill ski technician and one certified Pedorthist, all sorts of downhill and freestyle skiing trophies (and scars), not to mention rock climbers, snowboarders, surfers, scuba/sky divers and maybe, just maybe, 1 or 2 medals, plaques, broken bones, sore muscles, absolute failures, total successes, and crazy "I'll never do that again/ I can't wait to do that again" stories to prove it...

So are we running specialty...sure, do we love talking about and helping with everything running...yep! But do we know a boat load of (potentially useless) stuff about other awesome outdoor activities that we can't wait to talk to you about?...You better believe it! Plus, we love hearing about all the crazy stuff you all do, so come tell us, maybe we will learn something new to tackle!

Oh and when it comes to indoor fun, if you want a real laugh, ask Frank or Jody who dominates the ping pong table...answers may vary.

Monday, November 24, 2008


Today has been a fun day at Fleet Feet Sports, we had the 2008 Turkey Trot packet pick-up. It was great to see all of the new faces in the store picking up packets for the race on Turkey morning. Joining us for the afternoon were John Henry Creel and Jessica from Mind and Body Fitness. They were here doing body fat testing, stretching, and fitness advice for new and existing runners. So that was the serious part of the day...

In the middle of all the fun we managed to argue about the design of tri and bike kit for the 2009 team. Frank thinks it looks great, Heather thinks we could make it more refined, Jody thinks he wants to make it look a little better, and Eddie thinks he wants a blank kit at this point. So the moral of this story is one or two people make a design and don't show anyone!!! At the end of the day we all agreed on the design and to have Craft doing all of our team gear.

Happy Thanksgiving!!

Friday, November 21, 2008

The "New" Guy/Snow

Hey! It snowed! That means it is effectively winter and it is time to get out all of the cold weather clothing and start layering...don't have any or enough? WE DO! Oh and last time I checked we have shoes too, the kind good for winter running or just trudging about through the slop! Here check them out!

Also, a little birdie in my ear told me something about 12 amazing days of SALES in December (get it? 12 days of...ya, you get it). So get that little Santa list of yours ready and come over for some killer deals on some killer winter clothing and kicks.

Oh, by the way, if you only recognized 3 of those crazy mugs on the top of the page, the 4th is Eddie! He is the "new guy" around here, full time, ex pro cyclist/ rockstar runner/ high school xc and track coach, but more than anything a totally awesome dude who has been in the biz for way longer than the other 3 peeps combined! Plus, he knows shoes like Cleveland knows snow, so next time your in, introduce yourself, he's kinda shy!..but don't tell him I said that!


Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Lighter Side. Welcome!

Hello Friends of Fleet Feet Northfield,
Welcome to the lighter side of Fleet Feet, the less serious more light hearted blog about everything running, fitness, multisport and general store hoopla! The blog that will give you the juicy inside scoop to just what we're up to at Fleet Feet Sports Northfield that you don't normally see! You may be quite surprised by the crazy amount of shenanigans that we go through to make sure you love every experience you have at the store! We have too much fun with our jobs and we love it and want you to know all about it! We are pretty confident that we will offer you a good laugh at least! But more importantly check this blog frequently for secret "blog only" sales and specials! In addition to our rants and raves about the store, running, triathlon and geeky shoe talk, we will also hook you up with cool product reviews about the cool things we love and why think you might too! We will even ask you for help from time to time! What brands do you love, which ones do you wish we had? which ones don't you love?! We want to know and we want you to talk back! So without further delay add this link to your favs and check us out! We hope you all have fun with this blog because there is no doubt we will probably have too much!..Stay Tuned.