Sunday, November 16, 2008

The Lighter Side. Welcome!

Hello Friends of Fleet Feet Northfield,
Welcome to the lighter side of Fleet Feet, the less serious more light hearted blog about everything running, fitness, multisport and general store hoopla! The blog that will give you the juicy inside scoop to just what we're up to at Fleet Feet Sports Northfield that you don't normally see! You may be quite surprised by the crazy amount of shenanigans that we go through to make sure you love every experience you have at the store! We have too much fun with our jobs and we love it and want you to know all about it! We are pretty confident that we will offer you a good laugh at least! But more importantly check this blog frequently for secret "blog only" sales and specials! In addition to our rants and raves about the store, running, triathlon and geeky shoe talk, we will also hook you up with cool product reviews about the cool things we love and why think you might too! We will even ask you for help from time to time! What brands do you love, which ones do you wish we had? which ones don't you love?! We want to know and we want you to talk back! So without further delay add this link to your favs and check us out! We hope you all have fun with this blog because there is no doubt we will probably have too much!..Stay Tuned.

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lunasphere said...

i like the pics of you guys/gal...:-)