Wednesday, March 25, 2009

Lilac and Oaks

We got some new Oakley shades in today...pretty awesome styles. Some sport but also some real cool casual lifestyle ones for men and women.

Hey know that awesome sock you got from us with the pink or blue stripe. Remember? The one fits better than all of your others and looks real cute. We always have it in white and black and with the pink and blue...but now, for a limited time. Lilac! As in purple. As in real real cool...come check them out because I am sure they will not last long!

Monday, March 16, 2009

Rare Footwear Bliss

We see a lot of shoes around here and we think they are all pretty cool. Each of them having something a little unique or special about them. Sometimes the color, or the new technology, and always a little bit of hype. Regardless, running shoes are what we do, they are what we know and we love them...all of them.

But every once and a while something comes down the pipeline from some company that really ruffles our feathers. Something with a little extra spark that catches our eyes and makes us say. WHOA! The guys around here dream for days like that. When it happens some of us will immediately grab our size, throw on some running shorts, hit the door and get a quick few minutes in just to experience the unspeakable lust that the specific shoe has to offer, even just for a moment. Once back to the store their faces and postures are ones of euphoria. Orgasmic. Disbelief. Some shoes, but not many, do this to us. They make us feel funny inside. A good funny. A fast, sort of wild, i can't believe my feet feel this way, funny. It the unspoken reason why many of us work here. For that razor thin possibility, that odd chance that one day, one shoe from one brand will change what we know as running forever. The next few days are filled with restless chatter and playful boasting about what each of think we can pull off in that particular shoe; the PR's we can hit and the new mile splits that we swear are attainable now because of the beautiful new dogs that have been placed at our feet.

Well my friends I tell you this for one reason. As the warm breeze blows our direction this Spring and more and more shoes begin to kick the pavement, a clear victor has risen. A shoe has come to us like a budding April flower to stake its place in the world as one to make the running shoe geeks foam at the mouth with adrenaline spiked drool. They will have glorious nightmares before religious morning runs that only a shoe of this rare caliber can evoke. For them, for us, this shoe has changed the game. And we are all drunk with excitement to have it for you...and ourselves.

The Nike Lunaracer. Racing Flat.

Fast. Lite. Revolutionary. Holy.

Not much more to say about it than that.

Just come in, try one on and experience the love.