Thursday, December 11, 2008

The (Dysfunctional) Fleet Feet Family Tree!

This time of year I always reflect affectionately upon spending quality time with family, both immediate and distant relatives. Sometimes we are lucky enough to visit with everyone in a destination that makes Cleveland look like…well, Cleveland. And other times, we have the same archetypical holiday lunacy that everyone knows and loves, or at least has learned to expect!

Here at Fleet Feet, as much as we love one another, I thought I would give you all some insight into how working in such a close knit retail environment can parallel the way a family interacts. Now, I know some would interpret this as airing dirty laundry but it is my understanding of “blogging” that this is its factual purpose, so here it goes:

Fleet Feet, Inc: The grandparents who keep us inline if (and when) we choose to stray. We may grumble now and then about their conservative ways, but at the end of the day, they are only looking out for our best interest.

The current staff…the guts and glory of all that is Fleet Feet Northfield. Vicki and I are the only girls, so I wish I could say the guys are protective like big brothers, but I am pretty sure it is more to their amusement if we are in awkward or uncomfortable situations. As for “the boys”. They fight like girls. And are pen thieves.

Let’s break it down…Vicki is the cool Aunt who lets you do anything you want when your parents are out of town but is WAY smarter than you so don’t try to outmaneuver her. Uncle Jer, what can I say, he is Uncle Jer. Everyone needs an Uncle Jer. Ry Guy is the little brother who tends to take the brunt of most jokes, but don’t worry all you youngest children out there, he can dish it out with the best of them! Frank has middle child syndrome. Never agrees with anyone but is always right…just ask him. Eddie is the cool cousin. Everyone wants to be him. And he just wants a Christmas ale. Jody is definitely the big brother. Everyone LOVES his watchful eye over EVERYTHING and the sarcasm is just to die for! And I guess I would classify myself as the little sister, just hoping that everyone will do everything for me! So there it is. Your local FF team…in the flesh!

And of course our trusty dog, Mickey. He might as well run this place. I think more people come to visit him than us. So what is that saying about us?

So all in all, I equate the Fleet Feet team to family because of the respect and admiration I have for every one of my family members. With that said, I should note the fact that my brother held me captive as a child handcuffed to a basketball pole while swinging a machete around my head. And there was the time he sold me for a nickel. And the time he put me out with the trash. I ask myself the same question you are thinking…where were my parents?


TrainingtoTri said...

i drive all the way from cleveland hts to come to your store...and it is b/c of the dog! I love Mikey. Okay you have a great store too.

lunasphere said...

well written post...but come on now..."archetypical holiday lunacy" this a blog or a dissertation...not sure I am worthy.