Thursday, December 4, 2008

Awesome Homemade Italian Food and Socks

What does amazing Italian take out and equally sweet running socks have in common? Well, nothing actually except for both being on my mind right now. I think it's time we give props to our favorite lunch spot. I mean, everybody has one so why not shout it from the roof tops. Bella Renee's is right next to us to the east. It is a total mom and pop, everything authentic, everything homemade gem. I am talking huge portions and reasonable prices with really friendly people. Seriously we eat there all the time, actually when Ryan was putting in serious miles this summer he frequently ate there twice in one day. Here a few of our Favs: BBQ Chicken Pizza for sure, Chicken Parm Sub, their french fries & garlic bread rock, and finally the Pasta Dinner just to name a few. Anyway, without making this into a commercial for the joint, I just wanted to give credit to the best dang lunch place in Northfield as far as were concerned.

As for socks, we just brought in a secondary line of really cool socks called Feetures! Before that we were all about the Balega's (because they rock) and Smartwool (because wool is cool, and natural), and don't get me wrong they are still our top dogs, however we wanted a third baby and Feetues was the brand to make the cut. So after many closed door meetings, international video conference calls, and black tie formals, we made the executive decition to "what the hell, let's give'm a try!" No, no, really they are awesome socks, in a few different hights and thicknesses. I think if you love the Balega Hidden Comfort you will really like the Feetures Light Sock. Serioulsy though, they are worth a try next time you need socks. Only the best at FF!

Hey, I don't know about you, but anything soft and fresh. I need!

Summary time: Eat lots of Bella Renee's Italian Takeout, then run off the lbs. in your new Feetures Socks. Then go back to Bella Renee's for a homemade cookie for desert. Then feel guilty and have another run in your Feetures Socks. Then Repeat.


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Erin said...

Heather - when are you going to talk about the ice cream place you love so much? That's the place that really tugs at your culinary heart strings after a big workout :)

lunasphere said...

do they come in black...?? know who this is...oh, and they need to be about 3/4 length...that truely give my anonymity away...:-)