Wednesday, July 1, 2009

Off Runnin'...and Summer Go Fast Shoes

You can say that we have been a bit lax when it comes to updating the store blog. You would be right. But after all it is summertime and we have been quite busy collectively putting in miles on top of miles before, after, and even during store hours! Then of course with all of your love and support for us, there has not been too much down time at the store either! Its a good thing! So between running, racing, triathloning (my favorite non-word) and keeping all of you in the best shoes and apparel money can buy...we have not been super consistent on the blog! Our apologies.
Now lets get excited with some new shoes that have just been put on the wall. I call them your summer "go fast" collection! Whether your a student putting in your summer miles getting ready for XC season, a marathoner or halfer in the midst of summer training, a multisport freak looking to do/buy anything to make you faster or just a normal runner looking for something light and fast to kick around in, we have got a pretty cool collection for you! Now dont be confused, these are not flats, just your everyday trainers on a diet. A bit lighter, more flexible, and over all a littler jazzier!

Check em out...

Oh ya, I threw in my personal favs for our spike wearing student fasties too!
This season called for a dark horse to claim the top spot for XC spikes in my opinion. Amidst the Nikes and Adiddas's of the world I think Saucony has come out with some pretty rockin' spiked kicks. So if your a perenial wearer of the typical Nikes, do yourself a favor and throw on a pair of the Shay's or Kilkenny's to compair. You might just be suprised. The fit is snug, the weight is little and the look is very very cool! You might agree!

Other than the spikes, check out the Mizuno Precision and Brooks Ravenna. Both of these shoes are not too far away from their big brothers the Rider and Adrenaline/Infinity respectively. So for a bit more"go fast" and flexibilty for your next 5k, 10k or track workouts, these are some pretty sexy options! The other good news is that in general they all range about $5-$10 cheaper than their heavier counterparts . So like i said, next time your in, make sure to test out the lighter side of things! Afterall its summer time and summer time is go fast time!

Until next time...Sunshine.

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Theed said...

Hi, I'm thinking of getting either the shay's or the kilkenny's, but the flat version, without spikes. What would you say are the differences between the two? Are they simliar in sizes?