Friday, July 3, 2009

Few More Cool Products

I forgot to mention two products that we got in recently that are really something to check out. First the Nike Free 5.0!

Now this isn't a brand new shoe but it is new for us and we are excited. The Free is such a unique shoe because it is not really built to actually run in more than once maybe twice a week. The key to this shoe is the wear it around casually throughout several days and it will actually make your feet and ankles stronger. It's is built to simulate walking barefoot on grass, to allow the foot to bend and flex naturally. This will make the foot stabilize itself over time and make you stronger! But remember! Not a lot of running in this shoe! Think of it as more of a training tool, not a running shoe! The Nike Free 5.0 at Fleet Feet, for you to try! Check them out!

Next we have the Oakley Jawbone (my over all favorite new product of 2009)...if you follow the blog you will remember me mentioning these a while back when i first saw them on the faces of a few pro cyclist in the Giro back in May. Oakley has always been quite revolutionary with their shades and designs but these, i am convinced, are a milestone in optical design, ease of use, lens function, and all around sweetness.

Here is the deal. I could do my best to explain to you why they are so awesome. How the lenses are super easy to switch and how they are so light you forget your wearing them. Then I could tell you how they come with two sets of lenses, a hard case, and a cleaning bag, and how they actually have a hinge on them to making replacing the lenses easier than ever and without visual distortion. I can tell you that the lenses are vented and fit perfectly with a helmet or under a running visor. Yeah, i could...but what i really should do is tell you to watch this:

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