Friday, September 25, 2009

The Bird Love

Ya know, we really think the Akron Marathon is one of the most exciting and well organized events around. In fact, if you look a the numbers, its popularity is growing at such a steady rate it has the potential to eclipse its northern counterpart in the not to distant future. So best of luck to all of our friends, customers and family members who will be out there to brave "The Bird"! In honor of the big race I thought it might be fun to think of the top 5 things we at Fleet Feet love about the Akron Marathon. Enjoy the run.

5. The blue line - runners, you know what I mean...
4. The Sand Run leg of the Relay
3. The Relay and its huge popularity (it sold out at 2000 relay runners for the first time!)
2. The grand finish in Canal Park
1. Executive Race Director Jim Barnett personally shaking hands with and thanking every single finisher of the race. Talk about a classy move for a classy race!

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