Thursday, February 12, 2009

Hey Ladies...Support'em and Be Active!

So we are doing this really cool thing with Moving Comfort. As you may know they are a sports bra specialty brand and we do really well with them and our bra fit process. Let me first clear the air with this statement: I know more about sports bras than I wish I did and yes, I actually can help women find the perfect bra for a very non-hands-on, distant sort of way...(awkward pause)...ITS TRUE! Most women are not in the correct size sports bra. In fact a correctly fit sports bra is just as important to a woman as her correctly fit running shoe...(awkward pause #2)

...Anyway...So Moving Comfort came to Fleet Feet with this really cool initiative. Lets make a really cool tee shirt with a real cool saying, sell it to active women, and give part of the money to a really cool organization that's dedicated to educating young women on the importance of being active! Awesome Right?! We thought so!

They just arrived today and they are very limited! So stop by and grab one for your self or your mom, or your sister or wife or girlfriend or any other non male figure in your life that you love. At the end of the day we thought that it would be a nice way to show our love for the ladies and encourage active lifestyles!

So that's all I got on that...(#3)...

Support Your Girls!


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